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Bobby & Kathy Ushers Biography 

Bobby and Kathy’s knowledge of horses stems back to when they were young. In their home life, they both owned and worked with horses which inspired their career path.  

In the ’70s, they worked for C.F Laughlin Quarter Horses. C.F Laughlin was recognized as a leading breeder of the Quarter House. Together, Bobby and Kathy managed the breeding of their 80 Brood Mares and standing their stallions. They also oversaw training and showing the show string.

In the ’80s Bobby and Kathy opened Paint A Rosa Ranch - Home of Bobby Usher Training Stables. They started training and showing Paint and Quarter Horses professionally in 1981. All of the horses they showed were either in Western and English classes. Together they made many champions and point earners.

In the late ’80s, they decided to specialize in training cutting horses. They were earning over $150,000 showing cutting horses. When they weren't training horses, they also participated in judging shows and teaching many beginners, youth, and non-pros to become top riders and showmen.

While training and showing Bobby and Kathy continued standing their stallions and breeding outside mares. Some of their favorite stallions were Brinks, Leo, Hickory Docs, and  Phoebe.

After 15 years in Redmond, Oregon, they bought a ranch in Harper, Oregon. They continued to pursue their passion to train, breed, and show and while also running 200 head of mother cows and a broodmare band of 30-35 mares.

In 2005, Bobby & Kathy moved to Arizona and continued to train, show, work with amateurs, and non-pros, while still judging cutting horse shows.


Some awards they have received are OCHA horse & rider of the year, three years running Open horse of the year, and  10,000 Champion Horse of the year. One of Bobby's greatest honors was being elected President of the Arizona National Cutting Horse Association.


After having some major medical issues, Bobby had to stop training and they had to close their training and breeding program temporarily. Kathy’s sister, Pam, encouraged them to come to Texas to work with Hidden Springs Youth Ranch.

We are very fortunate to have trainers and expert horseman right here at Hidden Springs! Bobby & Kathy are now accepting limited training and lessons.